SETI and the Aliens

[dropcap]Most[/dropcap] people recognize the letters SETI as representing the Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It brings to mind astronomers like Carl Sagan who in the 1960s were early advocates for the search for intelligent Nikola Tesla, a scientist famous for his life. We know today, after many missions including the current life on Mars, it is microscopic in size and lives under ground.

In the early years SETI received some government funding, but that was cut off when ‘political will’ had run its course. Today SETI continues to operate, but is almost entirely privately funded. From a few very crude early experiments that could only observe tiny patches of outer SETI space and an almost unlimited number of radio frequencies.

But still no message from an alien race has been received. There have been a few space signals that did get astronomers’ hearts pumping, however. One such signal came through as a repeating beacon, something like the steady flash of light from a distant lighthouse. More than one was 1 2