Roswell R.I.P.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] have probably read as much about the so-called Roswell Incident as anyone. It’s hard to ignore, not only because of what it might mean, but why America (indeed, the world) is so obsessed with the matter.

Here’s the thing: something crashed near Roswell. What that thing was, no one can (or will) say. In fact, about all one can say is that there was a coming-to-ground of something. True, it’s easy to ask: what possibly can one add to the extant literature? This is not a yes-or-no topic, i.e. did something literally fall? It did. What came after is fraught with misinformation, disinformation, mythology, wish-fulfillment, insanity, and guys-who-know-guys-who-knew-a-guy….

I am honor-bound to admit that I respect the very considerable research (no names–you know them all) carried out, often without much or any compensation, by individuals tougher far than your author. Sometimes I think Roswell has become, if not exceeded, the penultimate mystery, akin to that offered by Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln in their aggravating, evocative, and fascinating Holy Blood, Holy Grail, wherein the authors make their case for our knowledge of Jesus Christ being incomplete–if not deliberately obscured.

I was raised to respect and “believe in” Catholicism which, in my huffing, grudging way, I’ve come to agree to disagree with (pardon the grammar).

What’s that mean? It means I think Christ actually was a flesh-and-blood being, thus no stranger to pain and the simple realities of life. Was he divine? With all due respect to Sister Bonaventa (who smacked my hand with a ruler because she thought I broke a clock), I can’t claim an answer. Frankly, I’ve learned more from independent study than anything she taught. It wouldn’t surprise me, were she still among us lucky few, if she ran down the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail and phoned their parents afterward. No good deed goes unpunished–especially that of asking questions.

You see, that’s how it is with believers. Tuck in your white shirt, leave questions at the door with your chewing gum. Speaking only from experience, what I learned from catechism is this: question us and suffer.

I digress.

So it goes with Roswell. Investigators smarter far than me have done so. I question their motives–hahaha. But I am not above wanting to know what happened. Who is? While I can’t for the life of me recall who said the following, I’ll paraphrase: If an extraterrestrial vehicle came to ground on American soil in 1947, this would not have been kept secret. There simply was no mechanism for the “black-ops” we see now in every exploitative movie and TV show. Yes, the Manhattan Project was successfully hidden. This is because atomic testing–science–is controllable. UFOs and the paranormal are not. The phenomena themselves do whatever they want, wherever they want. Only data is controllable.

Had some object, undeniably “other,” been recovered the USG would have shouted for assistance from whoever they could find. No effort or expense would have been made to hide such an event. The very fact that something about Roswell is to present day still concealed, stands out.

Whatever crashed there is something no one–no one–wants to talk about….

Why? Investigator Martin Cannon (wherever you are) wrote that the device might have been a drone prototype, tasked to deliver chemical/biological/atomic hell on anti-American countries. Or, had it been Russian, Chinese, etc., this definitely would have been immediately classified since the USG could not admit to penetration of American airspace.

New Mexico was well-suited for testing of any mini-apocalypse. V-2 rockets were routinely test-fired there. Cannon goes on to say that if what crashed was some balloon-supported deliverer of toxins, this might explain many mysterious deaths in t