Video: Our Future in Space – A National Space Society Video

Video Our Future in Space - A National Space Society Video

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] powerful vision of the future of space development. Space enthusiasts, this NSS video is for you!

  • Campaign Success! Thank you! Stretch Goals Next!

Thank you! We’ve hit our minimum goal of $35,000 – which means that our campaign is a success!

But we’re not done yet. We still have (almost) 10 days. So what can we do with that? We’ve got stretch goals that create topic-specific videos about the Moon, and about the importance of space technology ‘spin-offs’ at the $75,000 level. And at $55,000 we’ve got a goal to send the film to the Governors of all 50 States, each member of Congress, the Cabinet, and the President.

We think this is important – and we hope that you’ll join our efforts!

Thanks again – Ad Astra!

  • Space: The Infinite Opportunity

The National Space Society (NSS) wants to give you a truly inspiring and informative look at the future of space development. NSS is the leading grassroots space advocacy group in the U.S., and fights for both space exploration and commercial development of space. We believe in a bright future with humanity charging out into the solar system.

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