Video: Twelve-year-old girl launches Hello Kitty into space

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] 12-year-old girl from California took playtime to a whole different level after she sent her Hello Kitty doll into space.

Lauren Rojas tied her toy to a makeshift rocket and propelled it into the galaxy in aid of a school science project to find out how air pressure and temperature was affected by elevation.

‘I think they’ll think it’s really cool,’ Lauren said about the mission that was filmed and posted on YouTube.

The student at Cornerstone Christian School recorded footage from the space craft by attaching GoPro Hero2 cameras.

It took the youngster two weeks to put the space rocket together and it managed to hit a peak height of 93,625 feet before the balloon burst and it was sent tumbling back down to Earth.

It eventually stopped after getting trapped in a tree.

‘In the end it really turned out to be much more than a science experiment,’ Lauren’s father Rodney said.

‘It’s something that we will remember for a long time.’


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