UFO sightings reported on Coast

UFO sightings reported on Coast
UFO sightings reported on Coast

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]HE Gold Coast‘s UFO community is buzzing after marking a first — two separate reports of a single sighting.

The unidentified flying object was described as a series of red lights in the eastern sky above Mudgeeraba on November 22.

It was reported by a man who spotted it along with his neighbours as the lights moved through the sky for more than 20 minutes before disappearing.

A separate report was also sent to UFO Research Queensland from a Mudgeeraba woman who claimed to have seen the same phenomenon, which performed a series of manoeuvres.

UFO Research Queensland‘s Sheryl Gottschall said the sightings were important in the search for otherworldly life.

“The two reports from the Mudgeeraba area are significant given they have been corroborated by two independent witnesses which makes their veracity more substantial,” she said.

“It is vital for witnesses to feel they are not alone when they have seen something which they have never seen before and cannot explain.