Video: Ollantaytambo: Impossible Archaeology & Alien Technology?

Video Ollantaytambo Impossible Archaeology and Alien Technology
Video Ollantaytambo Impossible Archaeology and Alien Technology

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]llantaytambo is a town and an Inca archaeological site in southern Peru some 60 kilometers northwest of the city of Cusco. Due to the enormous size of the stone blocks used to construct the city, and due to the fact that the blocks appear to have been machined, some speculate that the technology used to construct Ollantaytambo did not exist at the time of construction and therefore must have been constructed by ancient aliens.

While there is no proof, some cite Ollantaytambo as evidence. Of personal interest to me is how the blocks were cut out of the mountain side with rounded corners. How do you think that would be possible using technology then… and today?

This segment posted under fair use law for the purpose of public discussion and no profit is earned by the poster from this video. This was originally aired on on the History channel show “Ancient Aliens” season 3 episode 6 “Aliens and Ancient Engineers”.

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