Extraterrestrial Communication; Limited by Our Own Brutality

Photo credit: lail-alsahara.com
Photo credit: lail-alsahara.com

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hy extraterrestrials are observing but not fully interacting with us has been a controversial point for many years. I feel that the question may have answers in the following.

We are a cruel and warlike species at times. We are emotional and soon resort to killing each other and others species at the drop on a hat.

Our cruelty appears to have no limits and one only needs to observe recent images like the Dark Age style blood bathsinthe sea, undertaken by teenagers trying to prove their manhood to realise this.

Extraterrestrial-Communication-Limited-by-Our-Own-Brutality-01Any previous alien inroads intended to reach out and gain greater communication with man may be limited by the above. Do not get me wrong. We are all a part of the wider food chain yet the ‘way’ in which we kill is the leading point here.

I recently debated the same issue on Facebook with my friend, Pat Uskert, from the UFO Hunters team.

Pat had raised the valid point tha