Why Are We Doing This To The Children Of The World? 27,000 Starvation Deaths Daily?

Why Are We Doing This To The Children Of The World? 27,000 Starvation Deaths Daily?
Why Are We Doing This To The Children Of The World? 27,000 Starvation Deaths Daily?

In this modern era, we fly jet planes around the planet in a matter of hours. We create Smart Phones that take pictures and post them on our Facebook pages in a matter of seconds. We pay billions of dollars to watch gridiron behemoths race toward the end zone. We buy high-powered cars to hurl our obese bodies to the local grocery store to buy more food to stuff into our mouths.

Meanwhile, our politicians speak with soaring oratory to make the world better for all human beings. At the same time, our leaders create wars all over the world that devour trillions of dollars in bombs, soldiers, rockets, planes and armaments.

But through all our riches, our words, our human nobility in 180 plus countries around the world, we cannot figure out how to stop the starvation deaths of 27,000 children every 24 hours. How did we advance this far as the human race only to watch that many children die needlessly and endlessly around the world?

At the end of 012, let’s encourage our church leaders and government leaders, and people of the world to address the fundamental need to feed the children of the planet instead of preparing for or making wars around the world. While we in the United States mourn the mayhem against the children of Newtown, Connecticut, we need to understand and solve the fact that the world suffers 27,000 “Newtown’s” every single day of the year.

With that in mind, let’s propose solutions to world hunger for 2013. Let’s solve the great scourges of mankind: poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, disease, unemployment, homelessness, inadequate sanitation, low <strongclass=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>social mobility, and exclusion.

For example, in India, 1,000 children die every day of diarrhea, dysentery and other water borne diseases. (Source: www.populationmedia.org) Yet, India does absolutely nothing to solve that problem while it adds another 11 million net gain to its already bloviated population of 1.2 billion impoverished people. Not to mention its destroyed environment!

27,000 children die each day from needless poverty

Dr. Webster Tarpley, author of man books, said, “The tragic condition of humanity is perhaps most dramatically reflected in the fact that between 22,000 and 27,000 children die each day due to poverty, largely in the form of starvation, malnutrition, and diseases like diarrhea which can be cured for a few pennies. The upper end of this range corresponds to one needless childhood death caused by poverty every three seconds. Total needless childhood deaths from poverty, these data suggest, must be approaching at least 10 million per year – a yearly total which by itself rivals any of the great genocides of world history. Of the 2.2 billion children who live in today’s world, one billion live in poverty. This is the estimate from the most recent United Nations Human Development Report.”

Not only that, but Time Magazine reported that 8.1 million adults die annually from starvation. Total humans dying of starvation: 18 million annually.

While the United States spends trillions of dollars annually on war, 3.1 billion human beings live on less than $2.00 per day. That same 3.1 billion lack a toilet or sanitation facilities of any kind. It’s beyond sickening that we see this kind of condition of humanity in 012 with all our talents as a species.

“About 2.6 billion people or