Ho, ho, no! Sightings of UFOs in our skies

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]AST moving glowing orbs in the night sky above Petersfield, Bordon and Liphook have intrigued UFO experts and could signal the supposed end of the world, predicted for Friday.

The two globes appeared to be carrying out high speed manoeuvres north of Petersfield between 9pm and 10.15pm on consecutive nights over the weekend of Saturday, December 8, said witnesses.

Joe Murray of Bordon said on the uk.ufo.co.uk website: “I was walking home when I noticed two lights above the clouds. They seemed to be staying in the same part of the sky. There were no beams of light coming from the ground and neither was there any engine noise.”

Maureen posted on the Liphook Community website: “Amazed no one has commented on these. Second night running we have seen them.”

In Petersfield eyewitnesses said the globes chased each other noiselessly above the 
low cloud in repeating patterns, using such tight turns and 
at such speeds “the