Historic US Military Response To UFO: How Did It Affect Technology?

Historic US Military Response To UFO: How Did It Affect Technology?
Historic US Military Response To UFO: How Did It Affect Technology?

You would think that in our modern day variety of vast conveniences supported by the massive technical steps that science has taken that we might know what events influenced our meteoric development. I have spoken to many of those involved in the advancement of telecommunications, electronics, and military weapons who are quite sure that the evolution of human development was not based upon our merits alone.

  • Human advancement aided from the unknown

Former Physicist Stanton Friedman as well as Military Science Advisor to President Eisenhower, Philip J. Corso both agree that US technical military advancement has been shaped by the shadow of UFO involvement. Everything from our efforts to defend ourselves, to mimicking UFO in flight characteristics, to the application of advancements in civilian electronics has been influenced by our forbidden dabbling in this taboo subject.

  • Early global defense systems

How many people know for instance that US military made it’s first efforts at planetary defense as early as 1960 with Project Saint. This top secret defense program was the precursor of the Reagan Era “Star Wars Defense Initiative”. The system was designed to enter orbital altitude and seek out foreign vessels considered to be hostile or unidentified and destroy them. According to Philip J. Corso in his book, “The Day After Roswell” this was an Army project. Marine Major, Donald Keyhoe, corroborated this finding in his 1973 book, “Aliens in Space” years before Philip Corso’s book hit the book stores in 1997.

Project Saint, however was not the only planetary defense project initiated by the US Army. Project Horizon called for our military to maintain a constant presence on the moon long before the landing of the Apollo missions. Spurred by large numbers of UFO sightings, harassment of Air Force Pilots by UFO’s, incursions reported at US missile and nuclear facilities, authorities were anxious to maintain an advanced outpost on the moon. There would have been a full compliment of personnel constantly maintaining a presence on a moon base.

Project Blue Gemini was also launched during the mid sixties under classified blessing of the Pentagon. Using a more sophisticated system and better vehicle weapons platform, according to Philip J. Corso, a counter intelligence captain in World War II, we get a bizarre insight into the unknown intentions of our armed forces leadership.

  • Opening Pandora’s Box

Corso claimed that while stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas he saw the preserved remains of alien bodies in a blue embalming gel that had been shipped by rail in a highly guarded container. One night he ordered a soldier standing guard at the secretive cargo storage area to take a break while Captain Corso himself stood by. Much to his shock and amazement, he says, Corso opened Pandora’s box for a glimpse inside and never pried into the matter again until being ordered by his superior to once again delve into the secret world of the unknown many years later. Being an obedient officer, Corso put the gut wrenching incident behind him and went about his business, tight lipped about what he’d seen until many years later.

Corso was then tasked with the responsibility of secretly seeding US defense contractors with the Roswell artifacts confiscated from the original crash site in New Mexico in 947. Mister Corso credits many of our technological advances in stealth aircraft, fiber optics, circuit chips, electro magnetic propulsion, lasers, and linking the human brain to flight control, with the research that resulted from back engineering remnants of a crashed alien spacecraft in 947 on rancher, Mac Brazel’s land. It was the efforts of Stanton Friedman and colleagues who opened the investigation into the forgotten Roswell Incident, and brought the husheds

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