Kids Who Cheat Become Adults Who Cheat

and preparing cheat sheets.

Those types of unethical actions in college were found to carry over into the workplace in the forms of taking long lunches, telling an employer a fake reason for missing work, writing a report for a co-worker, filling out a false expense report and presenting the ideas of co-workers as their own.

“I was surprised that the relationship was as strong as it was, particularly given that people aren’t often willing to self-report this type of behavior,” Kuncel said.

The research has implications for employers, especially concerning job candidates who have records of academic dishonesty in their past. Based on the research, Kuncel said hiring managers might want to look for someone else, since those candidates probably won’t make the best hires in the long run.

“There is good evidence that (the fraudulent behavior) will continue to play out,” he said.

The study, “Counterproductive Work Behavior and Academic Dishonesty: A Meta-analysis,” was co-authored by Jacob Gau.

Chad Brooks