The teaching of ‘now’

The teaching of 'now'
The teaching of 'now'
The teaching of 'now'
The teaching of ‘now’

What are the 3 most important teachings of the Elohim?

Of course they teach the past and the origin of humanity, and they teach also the future and what is possible if we use science in a good way.

But this is number 2.

The number one of their teachings is the teaching of ‘now’.

What is now?

Laugh, be happy, enjoy every second of this life.

What is a pulse, a heart pulse?

Can you feel it, put and try to find your heart beat. Do you feel it? Stay on it.

If you feel sad or depressed, when you ask: ‘’why am I alive’’, feel your heart beat. This is a miracle because if it stops, and it will stop one day, it is finished, you are dead. No more depressed, no more happy, no more alive!

So feel it, when you feel strange or not feeling so good’, feel it. Every heart beat is a miracle. Feel it and enjoy each one of them, because it’s like a time bomb.

Some scientists can calculate how many heart beats you have left. Old people may have less, young people have more, feel this time bomb. It’s really going down, it’s a countdown.

It’s possible that you have only 10 left, you don’t know.

It is possible that one day, in a meeting at 11, one Raelian dies. If he dies it is not very important, but what is important is to be happy for the 10 beats left, not being afraid because only 10 are left.

Imagine that you now have only 10 heart beats left. Would you panic? That would be stupid. Would you be depressed?

Stupid too. Would you regret the past? Maybe if you didn’t live fully the past life, yes.

If suddenly the Elohim tell me: ‘’you have only 10 heart beats left’’, what will I do? I would laugh.

Enjoy each of them. Enjoy each of them. Enjoy each second and the best way to be thankful for life, is to laugh, smile, breathe, and feel the beauty of being alive and the beauty of the other people around you who are alive.

Thank you Elohim for being alive, every second of my life, I thank you Elohim. Thank you everybody for your love, for your smile, for your happiness. Be happy not only for yourself, when you are happy you give happiness to others.

Don’t laugh only for yourself, when you laugh it’s a beautiful gift to others.

When we hear somebody laughing we feel happier.

So you want to make me happy? Laugh!

Have a beautiful day

The Maitreya