Giant Cross, UFOs, Roads, Domes and more: Mars Curiosity

[dropcap]Mars[/dropcap] Curiosity Rover Captures A Giant Cross, UFOs, Roads, A Finger, Domes, A Mouse and a Snake, A Jewelry Box, Dolls, Metal Parts and a Rad – All in HD!

I have always been interested in Mars, from looking at it through my newly earned telescope at age 11, to Astronomy classes at the Hayden Planetarium in 1963, to reading the CS Lewis Book about ‘Malachandra’, [Mars] in volume I of the famous children author and philosopher, C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy for adults:

Out of the Silent Planet, 1938

Perelandra, 1948

That Hideous Strength, 1945

to the Viking missions to photograph the surface of Mars in the mid 1970s. But at this point we have to thank Richard C. Hoagland for noticing that things were not as NASA hoped they would be as far as the public is concerned. His website is ground breaking in every way. Here we see Richard for perhaps what he is most famous for:which is of course publicizing the FACE ON MARS. This by itself caused such controversy that for some, their opinion of the man has never recovered. He discovered that Mars had oceans and the FACE pointed skyward on an island in a harbor in which the shore was the ancient city of Cydonia. With pyramids lining both sides of a wide avenue, and with a huge pyramid at the end of the road, the Earth could be seen once a year rising from the lips of the face when viewed down the avenue from the the apex of the great pyramid. To accomplish that, seeing as how Mars is much smaller than Earth and has a more severe horizon curvature, “someone” cut down the mountains behind the FACE on the opposite shore, so that the Earth WOULD rise out of the lips.

Giant Cross, UFOs, Roads, Domes and more: Mars Curiosity
Giant Cross, UFOs, Roads, Domes and more: Mars Curiosity

But Richard went on to pursue every image coming back from Mars, whether it be from orbiters, like Viking, or landers like Spirit, and everywhere he looked were ruins and evidence of a previous civilization. Hoagland’s site is packed with photos, all in the public domain, from NASA, showing unmistakeable evidence of a prior civilization on Mars. More than that, the evidence points directly to human workmanship and living on the surface. My favorites of those thousands on Hoagland’s site have to be the ruins of a WWII Panzer tank with tracks and a turret with an artillery gun barrel, and the many ruins of cities revealed by infrared photography. Of course, who would have brought a WWII tank to Mars; but perhaps the idea of such a weapon has pre-existed modern Earth society, and, well, you know the saying, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. But the fact remains there it is, and when it was noticed, NASA went back to the photo and retouched the gun barrel out of the photo. Here it is, just so you get used to incredible ‘human‘ objects on Mars:and once again, from, Hoagland pointing out how NASA went back to eliminate the barrel: [After all, how could rocks erode to horizontal spindles ten feet long?]

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