Video: Has Aliens Been Trying To Contact Earth

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]as aliens been trying to contact earth? Many belive so and for sometime now. Some crops circles are actually believed to be authentic or very great hoaxes. We all know many people have come forward and claimed they are responsable for making certain types of crop circles. And to back up there claims they proved it. On a cold winter night a tv station film crew followed the crop circle makers out to the english country side and filmed them creating a great size crop circle in one night. For most the mystery of aliens and crop circles were laid to rest. Or was it?

A lot of true believers are now coming up with real good evidence that not all crop circles are human made. One crop circle in particular had 3 full circles and some half-dozen circles in a very odd formation and under those full circles were 3 plates with the exact same sign on them as the crop circle. One silver, one gold and one copper and they were said to be buried there from the time of the great

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