Full Disclosure

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou see and hear about it all the time. Someone is always yelling for full disclosure from the government. What they really want is a confession from the government on how they sold us down the toilet. By this I mean all the rumors that have surfaced about our top government officials making a deal with races from another planet in trade for their technology. Stop and think about it. If you look at the progression of our technology, we started booming around the late 1940’s early 1950’s and haven’t slowed down since then.

Is it possible that our government not only hid the truth from us, but also sold us out as cattle or guinea pigs to another race? Anything is possible, but you would have to also include all the other major countries in this sell out since they have technologically advanced at the same speed we have.

We have disclosure. It is on the Internet every day. Although it takes years for people who know to come forth because of security issues with their jobs, conflicts in their minds, and fear of retribution or worse; death, they still, eventually come forth. You can go on the internet now, any day of the week and see that there are multiple sightings all over the world.

Just recently there was a sighting over Dulce, New Mexico and Blue Springs, Missouri. You can browse the sightings reports at MUFON, NUFORC, the Latest UFO sightings along with innumerable other websites dealing with this subject, and find sightings listed from all over the world each and every day.

Are there extraterrestrials living among us? If you watch the disclosures that have hit the news over the last several years, yes, some among us, some in our airspace and others underground. 57 species were supposedly already cataloged by our government alone. Many abductees have given descriptions of their abductors and cameras have caught images in secluded, wooded areas.

Our news agencies tend to stay away from reports like these but every so often one or two will make it to the newscast, and usually only if there were multiple witnesses. Is it their policy to ignore this type of news or is there a possible government control over what they can broadcast? That is something we will probably never know for sure.`

Rumors abound that we are being conditioned for eventual contact or invasion by all the UFO movies that are being released. This might be an actuality. Each one is different, but most show a violent take-over or attempted takeover of our planet.

All of the sighting seen in the sky on a daily basis doesn’t seem to astound or surprise us anymore. Maybe we are being conditioned to accept the reality of this. If they are making themselves more visible to us, why don’t they land and contact us. Could it be that they are just monitoring us for the time being?

Richard and I were abducted. How many times? We don’t know. We know for sure of two, possible three occasions very close together, but as we talk about events in our past, it is very possible we were abducted earlier in our lives as well. We have had multiple, weird and scary events since our abduction east of town. Obviously we and many others of the 1 2