Close encounters with Okanagan UFOs captured on video

Just in time for the Victoria Day long weekend, new video from the British Columbia interior shows three distinct instances in which UFOs apparently respond to light signals from the ground. Recorded at a remote canyon in the Okanagan region of the Columbia River Basin, the video documents highlights from a recent four night sky watch event hosted by local Vancouver UFO videographer Les Murzsa.

The term Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE5) is used by UFO researchers to describe instances of cooperative communications between humans and extraterrestrial intelligences.

Lake of Mysteries Reports of UFOs from the Okanagan region include a 1952 Summerland incident in which a UFO was observed “boating” across Lake Okanagan, famed home to the reported Ogopogo cryptid.

UFOBC reports how “It was a few hundred yards away when all at once the wake disappeared and we realized the thing was in the air. It changed direction to the right so that it came straight toward the ferry dock and then it stopped dead, less than 100 feet in front of us and about 50 feet above the water.”

The Water Element While there is no lake inside of the area termed “UFO Canyon” by the video, there is abundant underground spring water and a stream. The “Canyon” Hexagram of the I Ching also shows two “Water” trigrams stacked in series, with an internal chamber that invokes the reported “underground bases” described extensively in UFOlogy.

The K’an trigrams are composed of an unbroken line between two broken lines, invoking the concept of a stream that flows through a ravine, or canyon.

One source claims that Statistics Canada data shows over 17% of the approximately 2.5 million people living in the metropolitan area are ethnic Chinese, with ethnic Chinese accounting for nearly 30% of the City of Vancouver’s population in a report from 2001. In this reporter’s opinion, Taoist philosophy (including study of the Ba Gua trigrams) continues to be culturally relevant in a population with a reputation for relying upon Feng Shui numerology when identifying prospective real estate investments.

Cause and Effect Establishing causality is an important topic in science, law, the humanities and theology. Causality is the relationship between two events in a continuous timeline, in which the second event is understood to be a consequence of the first.