Extraterrestrials and the Great Pyramid

[dropcap]In[/dropcap] looking at the construction of the Great Pyramid then of course we go over familiar ground as to what others have done and written in their investigations on this subject. However, as the years go by further knowledge is added to that which is already known which in many cases deepens the mystery as to how and why it was built?We have to go into great detail of how and why others believe it was built, as to be able to better understand the knowledge Aramac (an extraterrestrial ) has passed on to me, of his explanation of how and why it was constructed?


To begin with it has been thought and taken for fact that the Great Pyramid was built for King Khufu as a burial tomb. This is because his name was written in hieroglyphic markings inside the construction. But, there is great doubt to its authenticity. Some were wrongly spelt, and some with bad grammar, making them appear to be fakes. The theory of a Royal tomb, historians have taken and speak about it as fact even though there is no firm evidence that this was so. The Egyptologist’s say the reason no body has been discovered in the Great Pyramid, was because before it was completed the treasures that were supposed to have been placed there, were stolen. The Pharaoh then abandoned the idea of using the pyramid as a tomb, and used a burial site underground instead.

Some theorists have said it took twenty to thirty years to build the Great Pyramid, which involved an enormous work force to complete. As we know it was built with precise measurements, some of which cannot be seen by the naked eye. The faces of the pyramid point in direct line with North, South, East and West with great accuracy. Are we to believe after all that time of designing, building, and the amount of skill involved in the construction, the builder’s did not have the ability to secure the place from thieves? With all the detailed planning, if the Great Pyramid was to be used as a tomb, then surely it would have been the first priority for the King to make sure it was secure from all intruders. One would have thought that the treasures would not have been placed in the pyramid until the Pharaoh had actually died then the pyramid could have been properly secured. When looking at the overall evidence which has been put forward claiming the Great Pyramid was a tomb, it is clear to see that was not the case.

As the Great Pyramid of Egypt is the most famous of those kinds of constructions, then many believe it was a phenomenon which only belonged to the Pharaohs but that was not so. There are the stepped pyramids in Central America, claimed to have been built by the Maya civilisation around 2,500 years ago? Also there are pyramids in Tiahuanaco Bolivia.

In 1994, Hartwig Hausdorf a German explorer gained permission from the Chinese government, to explore a once forbidden area to outsiders. In doing so, he discovered 100 large pyramids, which had never been seen by anyone in the west before. He claims that some of the pyramids in Shensi Province in Central China are even larger than Egypt’s Great Pyramid, dating back some 5,000 years. Excavations in that area will not begin until sometime in this century.

In 1962 a New Zealand airline pilot named Bruce Cathic was informed by the Chinese that there were no pyramids in China. He was nevertheless able to confirm the existence of several of them and in a book called the ‘Ridge of Infinity’ he suggested there is a network of pyramids over the surface of the earth, whose purpose is connected with leys lines and earth energies? The tallest pyramid in the world is nearly a thousand feet high again it is in China and lies forty miles from Sian in the province of Shensi and is said by archaeologists to be between 7,000 and 14,000 years old.

There are eight pyramids discovered near the town of Guimar on Tenerife. They have six steps and have a distinct resemblance to the step pyramids of South America. In Trujillo Peru there are the pyramids of the sun and moon. In 2001 a pyramid complex in Caral Peru was discovered being the same age as the Pyramids in Egypt.

In the valley of Mexico in ancient Teotihuacán overlooking a place known as ‘the way of the dead’ being 4 kilometres –long are three enormous pyramids. These representing the sun, the moon, and the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl. There are many small pyramids that can be seen across Europe from France to Greece. In 2003 in Italy a pyramid was found and in 2005 another was unearthed in Bosnia. Pyramids are still being discovered in some parts of the world where in the past they have been hidden underground such as Bosnia. And so the list goes on and on.

We can quite clearly learn that pyramid building was not confined to the Egyptians, and they were being built when those countries mentioned were not supposed to have been in communication with each other. At that time no journeys or voyages of discovery were possible to explore the other countries of the world. And yet many ancient races had the ability and the same kind of knowledge to build pyramids. Therefore, there has to be another reason why, and how they were erected. Another thing to consider is that a number of Egyptian drawings and hieroglyphic writings has been found, showing how they conducted their lives. Some portrayed the harvest time the sowing of seeds, then harvesting the crops. If it had been the Egyptians who had built the Great Pyramid then surely they would have also kept a record in pictorial drawings in the different stages in its construction? There must have been in the first instance before construction many sets of plans being drawn up setting out the dimensions of the Great Pyramid perhaps drawn on papyrus paper, for you could not build such a construction successfully without them?


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